Auto adjustment is locked on Samsung monitors

Another problem, solution of what i faced today. This tip will help you to unlock your monitor settings adjustment. It works with Samsung monitors, if you can’t change any of the setting on your display using external buttons and get the message “Locked/Auto adjustment is locked” try holding menu button for a 5 seconds. Menu will dissappear and after that you can change your settings once again.


  1. My problem was solved. Thank You…

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  3. thank u , my problem was solved, its really helpful…….
    i had been worried abt this form an year but now im happy.
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  4. Thanx dude..very helpful.. :):)

  5. çoook tesekkür ederm

  6. Also had this problem. Sure enough held the menu button down for five seconds and hey presto its working again. Many, many thanks.

  7. That’s right, sir…

    [spoiler]Thanks :D[/spoiler]

  8. LCD’ku juga bermasalah seperti itu…

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  10. thanx alot. this information is very useful…..

  11. its good yar in one time i have to sovle the problem

  12. great tips bro..
    my menu auto ajustment work again ..
    thanks …


  13. Thanks.admin…………….you saved me…………..

  14. My Samsung monitor syncmastee933 model Auto adjustment is locked. i am trying to unlock holding menu button for a 5 seconds. but it’s not unlock. pls give guidelines for me to unlock…

  15. My Samsung monitor syncmaster933 model Auto adjustment is locked. i am trying to unlock holding menu button for a 5 seconds. but it’s not unlock. pls give guidelines for me to unlock…

  16. Thnxxx sooooooooooooo much bro….problem solved

  17. thanks, it worked!

  18. The brightness option dosent seem to go away from my main screen, plz help me to get rid of that brightness option asap.

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  20. Thanks…………………………………………………….. For this tips………’s working

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  22. it really works..thanks

  23. OH My God !!! Thank you Sooooo Muchhh ….. However It worked for me by holding The “OK” or “Enter” Button .

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  30. thanks dude…i resolved da problem and u are helpful thank u so much

  31. THANKS SO MUCH but u need to hold more than 5 sec

  32. thanks dude…. My problem was solved.

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    Thanks to Your team….

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  36. Thank you very much, by your help i sloved my problem

  37. Thank you
    I got it unlocked in just 5 seconds.
    thanks a lot

  38. Thanks man…this solved my problem 🙂

  39. I had 3yrs old samsung 2033 lcd. Now, Its showing me some service function
    popup kinda error in red colour showing monitor on time, panel chanel no,
    on time, cycle , auto auto : on, pixel Shift off, Country en,
    HDCP hotplug off , hotplug time 10, Scaler MCU Mstar ….and much more
    The thing is its blinking in the centre of my screen, So, if u gave me some solution to removed it……..

  40. No – holding Menu for 5-10 secs does NOT work on my Samsung SyncMaster SA350.

    Menu options are still locked. Every time I touch it – menu screen appears with only 1 option – SETUP & RESET:
    But all options are disabled – only PC/AV Mode is active –

    I can’t even reset it!!

    Any other suggestions please?

  41. It really worked for me. Thank you

  42. thanx dude

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  44. That was helpful .Thank you.

  45. its not worked on my pc.plz give me some solutions in detail.plz..

  46. its not worked on my pc.plz give me some solutions in detail.

  47. Thank you got it unlocked,BUT I still can’t get it to fill my monitor like it did on XP.I am at a lost.
    Findint my printer won’t work on Windows 7 ,nor my HP dvd writer .What a mess upgrade computers but for get about all we have connected to them.Go the big monitor in 2013 and now looks like I can’t use it.
    Please help stretch my screen lol
    Thanks again Later Sarah

  48. thank you, now i can see clearly, I’m using a Samsung S22C300 with HDMI and IBM 15 inch monitor with VGA on my mac mini

  49. Yes it really Work….

  50. thank you..thank you verry solved my problem..

  51. thank u very much….my problem was solved….thanks once again……

  52. My Samsun SyncMaster monitor shows “Recommended Mode 1280 x 1064 , 60hz” for about a second and goes blank when connected to the CPU. Please help me to solve this.

  53. 15 seconds for me. S19d300 model. Keep pressing menu button until menu display disappears

  54. it worked for me !

  55. thank you so much,,,

  56. thank you it works i had this problem this past 4 months thank you again

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  58. thank u , my problem was solved, its really helpful…….
    i had been worried about this form an year but now i am happy.
    thank u so much………..

  59. Thanks. It worked 🙂

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  62. Thanks your tips helps me to unlock my monitor.

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  65. hi my name is ankush tyx dude

  66. That was very helpful. I was totally unknown with the solution of this problem. Finally I got rid of it.

  67. When i connect tv tunner to monitor without cpu the screen display msg “not optimum mode recommend 1366×768 60hz” my monitor is samsung s19c170B please help me what can i do

  68. It was superb and wonderful info, it really works perfectly. Thank u

  69. thanks mate, it worked.

  70. Excelente muy agradecido muy buen dato Gracias

    para poder des habilitar el bloqueo de auto ajuste del monitor Samsung
    es presionar 5 segundos el botón de menú, desde ahora se podrá tener un auto ajuste de pantalla que tanto nos hace falta


  71. thanks bro..

  72. My problem was solved. Thank You…

  73. not working going to increase brightness

  74. Thank you dude

  75. wow…16 years after you wrote this helpful hint and still true to this day. Thanks a million!

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