Boosting Windows 7 performance in one-two-three

The first and the most important thing to do:

  • Disable system protection on all drives, and after that i advise you to backup manually.
    — Win+pause break (right click My Computer → properties) → Advanced System Settings → System Protection then turn off System protection on all drives (it will boost your Windows 7 experience dramatically
  • Disable unnecessary services.
    — Type in Run → services.msc, read the descriptions and disable services that you won’t be using for 100%.
    Some of my personal disabled services are:
    • Fax;
    • Telephony;
    • Offline Files;
    • Security Center;
    • Windows Search;
    • Windows Backup;
    • Table PC Input Service;
    • Windows Media Center services;
    • Windows Error Reporting Service;
    • Windows Update (after installing all updates at a time);

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