Nofollow blogroll links in Wordpress without plugin

I will describe a very interesting way to nofollow your blogroll links on your blog. Many sites have blogroll links site wide, and sometimes it may be penalized by Google, so you should nofollow them or leave them only on the main page.

Edit link relationships (XFN) in Links Section on WordPress

1. Login to Admin Dashboard go to Links → All Links.
2. Disable Javascript in browser.
3. Edit a link. Under Link Relationship (XFN): type in “nofollow”. Update link.

Editing blogroll links in WordPress

Disable JavaScript in browser

You should disable JavaScript in order to type in “nofollow” in your link properties:

  • Firefox. Tools → Options → Content. Uncheck Enable JavaScript.
  • Internet Explorer 10. Tools → Internet Options → Security → Custom Level. Scroll to Scripting. Disable.
  • Chrome. Quick Javascript Switcher

You are done! Remember to reenable Javascript! 🙂

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