Windows 7 64-bit Skype 5.1 freeze-out

I have experienced a lot of shit with this new skype 5.1 and was wondering why is it so bad. It was working at most 3-4 minutes in video-mode then it froze. Then i found several solutions actually – only activating all of them helped me!


  1. Quit Skype
  2. Go to Control Panel → Sound → Speakers → Advanced! There uncheck “Give exclusive mode applications priority”.
  3. Press Start and in search field type “%appdata% \Skype” find file shared.xml → Delete it!
  4. Press Start and this time type “%appdata% \Skype\YourSkypeName” (where yourskypename = your skype account name). Find file “config.xml” and “config.lck” → Delete both files.
  5. Reboot

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  1. I tried this out but still when i setup skype sound again it recognize 2 devices my Lg tv and speakers…but speakers only as 2.1 and not as 5.1

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